Sep 28th, 2007 // 8 Comments

image_mini.jpegOasis has finally buried the hatchet in its “war” with Blur, claiming that they don’t want to be seen as “wankers” and thereby generating at least one more tiny news item out of a decade old marketing scam for a pair of singles that barely anyone in America remembers. Damon Albarn was too busy counting his cartoon money to be reached for comment. [NME]

  1. JudgeFudge

    “Roll With It” is the better single. End of story.

  2. Al Shipley

    Wow, sometimes those tiny cropped images on the main page can really screw up a photoshop gag.

  3. Jupiter8

    Finally, Q Magazine has next month’s cover story!

  4. nonce

    Twelve years on I can still recall lyrics and the smirk in Albarn’s voice in “Country House,” while when I try to recall “Roll With It” the only thing that comes to mind is that awful guy-from-Traffic song. And I can’t even remember that guy’s name. Steve something.

    Though I would pay Vitamin Water Money to hear either band cover that song.

  5. Chris Molanphy

    Clearly, Oasis were cooler in 1995. Clearly, for the last decade or so, Damon Albarn’s little pinky has been cooler than both Gallagher brothers put together. This is a tacit admission by Noel that, a decade later, they’ve been soundly pwned.

    @nonce: Winwood. Thanks, now that shit’s stuck in my head.

  6. TheMojoPin

    Hell, the Bluetones are better than Oasis at this point.

  7. Dick Laurent is dead.

    Pulp were better than both of them! *ducks*

  8. Poubelle

    @Dick Laurent is dead.: You speak pure truth.

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