Sep 28th, 2007 // 4 Comments

schubertdip.jpgEMF has finally returned to us! And “unnecessary reunion”?? Has Rolling Stone not read a single Klaxons review in the last 12 months? [Rolling Stone]

  1. SlimShadenfruede

    I think they should tour with KLF.

  2. Cos

    I always thought Blur was the new EMF, not the Klaxons.

  3. MrStarhead

    Does anybody else remember EMF’s second single, “Lies”? In “Unbelievable,” he feels his lover is, well, unbelievable. And in the second single, he’s concerned about the lies she’s telling him. It’s a shame the third single, “No, seriously, I don’t feel you’re speaking truths,” was never released.

  4. CarsmileSteve

    “i believe” was the second single wasn’t it? in the UK anyway…

    i worked with the lead singer’s dad for a while. his advice to me was “have a son who has a number one in america, it’s very good for you” as he drove me around in his great big bimmer.

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