Oct 23rd, 2007 // 4 Comments

oinky.gif“Just one more heart-broken member who enjoyed the ride while it lasted but I will miss the community terribly. I feel I was just sent to Beirut. … The alternatives don’t excite me to jump cartwheels and despite many other priv memberships, most of which I ultimately let lapse because for me, needed nothing else offered elsewhere, getting the same fuzzy feeling at a new place ain’t goiing to happen overnoight. I MISS MY OINK FIX AND I’M REALLY JONSING.” [Zeropaid]

  1. NickEddy

    Cheer up, “jonsing” one. You could have been made to download the new Beirut album.

  2. dog door

    Jesus! The hysteria over this Oink thing is making me think everyone on the internet is 12 years old… If there’s one thing we’ve all learned over the past seven years or so is that when one file sharing site gets shut down, five better ones take its place.
    You know, there used to be a time when there there was NO internet at all! My advice to all the kids: take a deep breath, eat a popsicle, and wait like a week. The next big thing will be there.

  3. Lucas Jensen

    @dog door: Yeah. Let’s turn on the ol’ news right now and get some perspective, right?

  4. Anonymous

    @dog door: Yeah I’m surprised there aren’t more people excited about this. “I can’t wait for the new private torrent site because I can up so much stuff and my ratio will be sickkkkk”

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