Nov 30th, 2007 // 9 Comments

tila2.jpg“Musician”/”celebrity”/reality-TV “star” Tila Tequila’s as-seen-on-MTV bisexuality may be 100% phony! I know, I know, we were all waiting to see if she would be STRAIGHT OR LESBIAN IN THE END?????, weren’t we. Is there nothing left for the world to believe in? How will we tell the children who want to come out to their parents via blog post/reality show???? [NYP]

  1. Al Shipley

    2 classic quotes in that article: “She’s made out with some girls in her past, as all girls have, but she is not bi at all” and “I’ll confirm that she’s bisexual and she’s a delight to work with.”

  2. The Notorious T

    I’m equally impressed by “SELF-proclaimed bisexual MTV skank”. Although she’s certainly not the first…

  3. Anonymous

    As Shakespeare, or perhaps Barney Gumble once said, “I’m not a picky man,” but I just don’t find this woman attractive at all. Maybe it’s just because I haven’t watched the show and experienced her sparkling personality?

  4. Al Shipley

    @bbernardini: Girls who look like Zwinkies will always be considered hot on the internet.

  5. The Notorious T

    @bbernardini: There’s hot and then there’s “skanky hot”. I’ll leave it for others to decide in which category TT falls.

  6. Anonymous

    The same source says Tila’s a Diva so she’s clearly got some bubbling resentment. I wouldn’t believe anything someone says if they’re hatin.

  7. Bob Loblaw

    When the show lost Domenico, the show lost me. He was, how you say, a riddle wrapped in a pun wrapped in papardelle.

  8. kityglitr

    Okay, so I will acknowledge that chica is an A #1 skank, but on the seriousness… why does having a boyfriend make a BISEXUAL girl straight? Why do people insist on the “are you a lesbian, or are you straight” qualification all the time? Why can’t she just be a bisexual skank in relationship with a man? Damn.

  9. TheMojoPin

    Dude, all chicks are always making out with chicks or thinking about making out with chicks, man.

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