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chrisdeburghhhh.jpg“Lady In Red” singer Chris De Burgh will be the first Western musician to play a concert in Iran since that country’s 1979 revolution–although the Guardian wonders if his most famous track (OMG remember when that was Patch and Kayla’s song on Days??) will be censored by the country’s culture and Islamic guidance ministry for “un-Islamic” references. [Guardian]


  1. Camp Tiger Claw

    Chris DeBurgh has nuclear capabilites… for vaporizing your heartstrings with his tender tuneage!

  2. Diglett

    I completely do remember that, actually. I taped it.

    I also remember when I was wearing this bright red dress at senior prom and knew I looked so hot, and then that song came on, but my date was nowhere to be found because he’d run off to play at Captain Kids World (we had our prom at Sea World). Damn you, De Burgh.

  3. Clevertrousers

    More fun Chris De Burgh facts:

    In 1994, Chris had an affair with the family’s 19-year-old nanny Maresa Morgan – while his wife of 17 years, Diane, was in hospital with a broken neck from a horse-riding accident.

    His daughter, Rosanna Davison, was crowned “Miss World” in 2003.


    De Burgh has been fodder for the Irish tabloids that my sisters all read for years now…

  4. Jfrankparnell

    They’ll approve it, if only to further woo their new Lady in Red, to their north, and her uranium filled lips …

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