Dec 18th, 2007 // 2 Comments

police.jpgThe Police’s 84-date reunion tour was the highest-grossing jaunt of 2007, earning $243 million and selling 2.2 million tickets worldwide–an average of about $110 a ticket. Wait, does this officially mean that the curse of Sting is broken? [PR Newswire]


  1. Luke N Atmaguchi

    Sting *gives* the last laugh, if you’ve heard his Xmas-y goff on “Roxanne,” bootlegged from the soundcheck in Dallas.

    You don’t have to pull that sled tonight
    Snowblind moving Santa’s grip
    You don’t care if it’s wrong or if it’s right

    (Ru-dolph) You don’t have to put on the red nose
    (Ru-dolph) Put on the red nose . . .

    What can I say? He made me laugh. I hope they release it officially, time’s a-wasting.

  2. Al Shipley

    The curse of Sting only effects other people, so he’ll go home with his millions unharmed, but maybe the tour’s promoters will get nailed for tax evasion.

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