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indierockuniverssse.jpgXiu Xiu and Fucked Up are leading the class-action suit against Rolling Stone publisher Wenner Media and RJ Reynolds over that “Indie Rock Universe” pull-out from RS‘ final 40th-anniversary issue. The suit is alleging “the unauthorized use of artists’ names, unauthorized use of artist names for commercial advantage (right of publicity), and unfair business practices.” []


  1. tigerpop

    This is great, if only for the fact that handfuls of media outlets are forced to scratch their heads over how to deal with the name Fucked Up.

  2. Catbirdseat

    According to Pitchfork, “Rolling Stone could be forced to pony up as much as $195.3 billion if found guilty.”

    $195.3 billion? They might as well go ahead and ask for 9 hundred trillibozillikajillion.

    C’mon, one fucking hundred and ninety fucking five point fucking 3 BILLION?

  3. dtopping

    Someone’s totally getting fired for this…

  4. brownham

    i mean they to get SOMETHING
    and I doubt everyone will settle for just 5K a piece

    I have a feeling a large chunk of change could be finding their way into all 182 indie band’s pockets

  5. thearcanemodel

    @prolixrush: oh, that is good stuff. “ersatz taxonomy”!! (that’s actually a great descriptor for the concept behind that crap foldout.) malkmus as “gnomic”?! who is this attorney? love it but i hope the judge doesn’t find it too cute. good thing he (it’s gotta be a “he,” right?) and his clients have a decent cause of action.

  6. prolixrush

    The Daily Swarm posted some choice tidbits from the actual complaint; my fave was this:

    “…it is obvious to any reasonable person viewing the actual offending foldout in its setting when one comes across it, that it is the star attraction of a carefully designed and executed marketing and advertising pitch for Camel cigarettes. Indeed, that is the only possible impression that can be left on the mind of any sentient twenty-first century being with eyesight.”

    Someone is having a grand old time with their media law degree. And hey, maybe Jamie Stewart would use his chunk of the billions to run for President…

    The Daily Swarm

  7. Cam/ron

    Here’s a list of the artists name-dropped in the ad. So apparently The Smiths and Bjork are “indie rock.”


  8. brownham

    think they could really get all the cash? Could make these indie rockets some of the richest people in the country if they each get a billion

  9. AL

    @Cam/ron: that seriously has to be every “indie rock” band in existence.

    @brownham: while i know it would never, ever happen, that would kind of rule.

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