Dec 24th, 2007 // 1 Comment

InRainbowsCover.jpgThe other night, I was doing a little bit of last-minute holiday shopping at the soon-to-be-closing Virgin Megastore and I noticed something: Staff members were wearing T-shirts touting Radiohead’s In Rainbows, complete with a reminder that the album would be available in the store where I was standing on Jan. 1. Not sure if this t-shirt is only being worn by people who work at the rapidly shrinking chain–and aren’t top-down wardrobe edicts an excellent way to keep up employee morale?–but I did find it kind of interesting, if only in an “allegedly forward-thinking band embraces the oldest promotional tactic in the American book (casual Friday edition)” way. Anyone want to bet how high a price one of those shirts would fetch on eBay?


  1. coolfer

    as long as people still buy cds (and they will buy a lot of this particular album) music store employees will still wear free promo shirts. even a forward-thinking band knows to use the tricks that work year in and year out. i’ve put together shirts just like this for store employees. rather than look at it as a “top down wardrobe edict” they consider them a nice break from the regular dress code.

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