Dec 26th, 2007 // 2 Comments

antiguaaaaa.jpgWell, I guess we know where the Pirate Bay is going to go once it gets kicked out of Sweden: “The Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda has won the right to waive U.S. copyrights in films, television and music under an unusual ruling by the World Trade Organization. The landmark decision by the Geneva-based trade watchdog means that the tiny islands are able to violate intellectual property protection worth up to $21 million as part of a dispute between the countries over online gambling…. In this case, Antigua will — in theory — be allowed to distribute copies of American DVDs, CDs and games and software with impunity.” [Hollywood Reporter]


  1. catdirt

    as i understand it they can do this because the us outlawed online gambling? hey the netherlands- have i got a pot & whores lawsuit for you!!!

  2. Anonymous

    Because banning online gambling violates free trade agreements (the US allows gambling inside it’s borders but won’t let it be “imported” via the internet) Antigua doesn’t have to respect any of our copyright laws now. They can sell just about any property like software or music, as long as the annual sales come in at $21 million, which is the amount of damages awarded to the Caribbean nation.

    Does this mean that I can get watches for even cheaper? I wonder if this makes the incredible sketchiness of your average port more legal…

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