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aliciawhitney.jpgAnd lo, the not-very-invisible hand of Clive Davis makes its presence felt in the run-up to the Grammys (what do you mean you’re not excited yet?): “INSIDERS ARE WHISPERING that Whitney Houston and Alicia Keys may do a duet together for the 50th annual Grammys Feb. 10 at the Staples Center in L.A.” [Chicago Sun-Times via The Velvet Rope]

  1. Rob Murphy

    I’m not sure I even knew that Whitney has a Greatest Hits album to flog. How’s it doing sales-wise?

  2. Chris Molanphy

    @DHMBIB: At least in the U.S., there’s nothing new to flog — her only domestic hits album came out in 2000, at the start of the downward spiral; and while she does have a new “ultimate” collection, it’s been released only in Europe and is an import here. Given prevailing Billboard rules on imports, I haven’t seen it chart here at all.

    Obviously what this is all about is Clive redeeming his ultimate protegee. Davis feels about Houston the way Steve Jobs felt about Apple when he returned to the company in 1997: i.e., This is my legacy — the thing that goes in the opening paragraph of my obituary — and I’d better save it from self-destruction. He’s been trying to get Whitney clean and in a studio for more than a year (and I’ll bet Houston is so strung-out it’s proving harder than the old man thought). So anyway, I wouldn’t put it past Davis to actually pull a Steve Jobs and announce a new product with a splashy winter announcement. I.e., Whitney at the Grammys = the kickoff of the formal comeback campaign/new album.

    I’m not a Houston fan, but some of my cynicism was melted away by the late-’90s My Love Is Your Love record — full of good singles. So depending on whom Clive has lined up, the comeback album could be okay.

  3. Rob Murphy

    @dennisobell: Thanks for the info — I didn’t know because there was nothing to know.

    I suspect your excellent analysis will — as usual — prove to be spot-on.

    RE: your love for My Love… — “It’s Not Right But It’s Okay” and “Heartbreak Hotel” get more spins on my playlist than the entire remaining Whitney canon combined.

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