Jan 15th, 2008 // 4 Comments

paniccccc.jpgA punctuation expert comments on Panic At The Disco’s decision to drop the “!” from its name: “Exclamation points are used to convey emotion, to increase the immediacy of what you’re saying. They instill a sense of emergency and urgency. … To change that, especially for a rock band, seems kind of odd to me. There’s certainly a reduced sense of ‘panic’ in Panic at the Disco now.” Clearly she hasn’t talked to any fans who are worried that the band has taken a hard turn and is now speeding toward the sleepy burg that is Sam’s Town. [MTV]


  1. What it is

    I prefer the days when you had to keep tabs on the ever-changing location of the exclamation point in Godspeed You Black Emperor….I’m in favor! of more! artibitrary! exclamation point! placement.

  2. On the Spot

    A spelling expert comments on Idolator’s obsession with “puncutation”…

  3. Maura Johnston

    @On the Spot: oh snap!

  4. Tenno

    I just hate that I can never find the Panic DHH album, but when i’m digging in that section, every person that wanders by gives me a weird look. Why? Becuse they assume i’m actually looking for Panic At The Disco… I guess.

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