Jan 16th, 2008 // 6 Comments

pinktwink.jpgGeorge Michael has just signed on to write “one of the hottest remaining untold celebrity memoirs” in “one of the biggest book deals ever concluded in UK publishing.” And there better be some sweet dirt in there for HarperCollins to invest so much on a book-length project when this Reuters story manages to hit most of the salacious details of Michael’s life–blah blah sexin’ in the john, blah blah stoned on TV, blah blah pastel hot pants–in 237 words. [Reuters]


  1. extracrispy

    George Michael is the best example why celebrities staying in the closet is not necessarily a bad thing.

  2. dollywould

    Did anyone see him in the Extras finale? He played himself and completely made fun of his public image. I thought it was pretty funny.

  3. loudersoft

    This book is going to really mess up some lives because he’s going to talk about gay affairs he had with people who were/are now married. Guarantee this news has some people out there biting their nails.

    Hey,here’s an idea: fuck up the project by getting your press release ready and outing yourself before George Michael does. Can you imagine?

  4. DeeJayQueue

    I think Kelly already summed up his life and career in 4 words: Shoes Shoes Shoes, Gaaaaay!

  5. Anonymous

    I’m holding out for the Andrew Ridgely Formula-3 racing memoirs. Choose Open Wheel!

  6. badfad

    George Michael as in Michael Cera from Arrested Development?

    If that were the case, that would be awesomely awkward.

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