May 21st, 2008 // 3 Comments

q-tip.jpgAfter having two albums in a row junked by his label, leaving him release-free for almost a decade, it’s not surprising that Q-Tip would work up a list of collaborators that includes Norah Jones,, Kanye West, D’Angelo, and Barack Obama to help guarantee that his new album, The Renaissance will actually see the light of day. But just in case you think he’s going to settle for sure things here on out, he’s already promising that the follow-up will be helmed by Nigel Godrich, known best for building Jeep beats for Radiohead, Pavement, and Travis. “He’s just on some real hip-hop [stuff]. It’s gonna be a lot of sampling,” says Tip. “He’s really dope!” Yeah, you’ve never been wrong before about that. [The Guide]

  1. iantenna

    what, no korn this time around?

  2. Anonymous

    No hating on Q-Tip allowed.


  3. Anonymous

    @owenmeany: That’s not fair…I mean, perhaps you didn’t see Will I. Am in the list above? That’s automatic grounds for hateration…

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