May 27th, 2008 // 1 Comment

prices.pngBorders relaunched its dot-com as a free-standing online store today, and while it’s allegedly been put up as a way to help make the brick-and-mortar parent company more attractive to potential buyers, one wonders if pouring money into developing a section of the store where people can purchase CDs at full, $15-price-point-brushing prices was a better allocation of resources than, say, a launch party for the site where each attendee got their own Grey Goose-filled ice sculpture and a $100 donation in their name to the Web Merchants Who Were Crushed By Amazon Fund. []

  1. mishaps

    Though, seriously, who doesn’t miss those parties?

    Borders fucked up when they originally sold out to Kmart in the early 90s, and all the people who’d made it huge left. They made a lot of money off of the rise of the bookstore as a “third place” that B&N spearheaded, but they never innovated after that. They’ve been riding someone or other’s tailwinds ever since.

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