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empires%20and%20dance.jpgThe original line-up of Simple Minds, responsible for such presumably classic albums as Real To Real Cacophony and Sons And Fascination/Sister Feelings Call, is reuniting to record a couple songs and “see what happens.” Scholars of the new wave, please explain to the rest of us why we should (or shouldn’t) be intrigued by Jim Kerr (who may not even make the Top Ten Not-Bonos list anymore) reuniting with his original rhythm section, as this line-up is not the one that recorded “Don’t You Forget About Me.” Baby! [antiMUSIC]

  1. Ned Raggett

    as this line-up is not the one that recorded “Don’t You Forget About Me.”

    Precisely! But we’ve been down this road…

    Much as I love those first few albums, especially the stretch from Empires and Dance to New Gold Dream, I have a hard time imagining they can capture the moment again unless they tie down Kerr to a chair and gag him.

  2. sicksteanein

    This “Top Ten Not-Bonos” list is intriguing. Can I request a blog post for this?

  3. Elijah-M

    1. Tim Booth
    2. Mike Peters
    3. Stuart Adamson
    4. Cy Curnin
    5. Brandon Flowers
    6. Tom Chaplin
    7. Sting
    8. Chris Martin
    9. Michael Hutchence
    10. Jim Kerr

  4. Plague

    “presumably classic”?
    Somebody needs to get some learnin’.

  5. Anonymous

    Those guys are gonna be PSYCHED after they record and “see what happens”. It’s gonna be great! Magical!


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