Jun 13th, 2008 // 3 Comments

Coldplay has sold over 125,000 copies of Viva La Vida in the UK after one day of release, guaranteeing the album a No.1 debut despite being released three days after the usual release date for UK albums. While Vida may hit instant platinum (300k) status by the end of the week, it probably will not top X&Y‘s 464,000, let alone challenge Oasis’s Be Here Now for the best opening-week sales in British recording history. I was going to be all “lol, Be Here Now,” but our country has given that honor to N’Sync’s No Strings Attached. Which I may still prefer. [Billboard.biz]


  1. Jerkwheat

    Release day for No Strings Attached was a nightmare…I can still see the endless line of 13 year old girls getting impatient with my always sluggish register…

    The horror, the horror

  2. Lucas Jensen

    As much as I like JT, N’Sync was ballz.

  3. Maura Johnston

    @Big Gray.: no way, dude, the song that sampled pac-man was awesome.

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