Jun 23rd, 2008 // 3 Comments

iStock_000005833306XSmall.jpgBrooklyn Vegan’s commenters respond to AP’s version of the “hey, gas prices may be getting too expensive for small bands to tour” story the only way they know how: “hey. whatever it takes to get some of these bands who can’t play their instruments to begin with off the road…i’m all for it.” [Brooklyn Vegan / AP / Photo: Khuong Hoang]


  1. King of Pants

    *calls in blood pressure medication for Maura*

  2. RaptorAvatar

    I’m sympathetic, but I still think the “No room for a roadie” thing as a limpdick complaint. Unless you’re Steven Hawking, you can man the fuck up and move your own shit.

  3. coolfer

    that’s a good point. maybe the high cost of gas will act as a filter and keep the lamer bands off the road. the increased financial risk of touring will lead bands to practice their instruments and actually practice playing together as a unit. only the strongest will survive.

    maybe it’s because everybody in nashville can sing and play and is ridiculously talented, but c’mon touring indie rock bands, step it up. when there are six or seven of you on stage and it sounds like a thin three piece, you should probably stick to recording.

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