Jun 23rd, 2008 // 10 Comments

More exciting news about is year’s MTV Video Music Awards! “This year’s event will mark a first in VMA lore: The channel will be turning to its audience, asking them to executive-produce the big show. MTV will give fans a chance to decide this year’s nominees, helping to create an awards show with the music they love (details on this will be coming soon!).” Wow, we get to be the executive producers? Can we submit potential podium banter? As if we needed more proof that nobody at MTV gives a fuck. [MTV]


  1. D Day

    Thanks for the EP job MTV!

    You’re fired.

  2. Anonymous

    And we trust the fans, why?

  3. Maura Johnston

    “You” is sooo Web 1.5.

  4. Al Shipley

    They should bring in Jon Stewart as the host, and just turn it into a 4-hour episode of “You Wrote It, You Watch It.”

  5. RaptorAvatar

    Guess this is what happens when even permalancers are too expensive.

  6. King of Pants

    You call that a blumpkin?

  7. Anonymous

    Lazy asses. Next thing you know, they’ll have us watching music videos on YouTube — oh wait…

  8. el smrtmnky

    i want a limo, two PAs (just cause), something from the Marc Jacobs store to wear, Fiji water and spicy tuna rolls from Nozawa, candy and sweets from Boule. And skip the show. just have these ready.

  9. Anonymous

    Finally, an awards show featuring Mike Keneally, Stuart Davis and Porcupine Tree. Oh, and maybe John S. Hall reading “Martin Scorsese.”

  10. Anonymous

    If it’s up to ‘us’, can we all agree to just …cancel the thing altogether?

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