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Jay-Z has become more politically aware over the past few years, but don’t expect Barack Obama’s implicit endorsement of him to serve as a gateway to a run for higher office: “No. Ha ha ha! No, they’ll kill me in 30 seconds. ‘Shit! This guy’s in!’ Bang! Ha ha! I won’t make it past the primaries! Ha ha! They talk about Obama’s priest–imagine what they’d do to me! My friend is locked up! Ha ha ha! That’s funny.” It’s probably for the best, since dude is too busy working on buying a piece of the–ugh!–Yankees right now. [Time Out London via XXL]

  1. alec_baldwin

    Obama’s waaaaaaaaay out of touch on the music front. Jigga has not sold music in ages, which is why he struck such a lucrative deal with Live Nation. Y did y’all have 2 get me started on them again 2day? I was gonna b good.

  2. Anonymous

    “How you a gangsta when you scared to bust your gun / for the cause…” – Black Thought

  3. rina

    @cosmiclove: Which is too bad, because “American Gangster” was awesome.

    But, I’m with Maura on this one. Will I really be able to support him if he becomes part-owner of the Yankees? This is something I’ll have to carefully consider.

    That being said, the only time I’ve ever enjoyed myself at Yankee Stadium was when I was in a luxury box and Jay-Z was in the box next to us.

  4. alec_baldwin

    @rina: C what I mean? He wasn’t rappin’, right? He shld have stayed in retirement, whi/wld have left his legacy intact. But he was soooo bad in the boardroom that he had 2 do something…I can’t support him as part owner of the Nets let alone the Yankees.

  5. alec_baldwin

    Well, OK. He is big pimpin’ at this concert…


  6. To be honest, I’m not sure you can. Once you publicize the food bank as being available, you almost certainly have to have someone supervising the room containing all the food to be sure no one trashes the place or contaminates the food. If just one person is in charge, that’s probably about the closest you can get to anonymity. The other option would be to offer the food online (using the high school computers) and the needy student could indicate an address for it to be shipped (the student could use his own home, a relative’s, or a friend’s place)… bottom line… you really wouldn’t know who would benefit in this case.

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