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Flight_of_the_Conchords.jpgEmmy nominations are out, and the folks at Sub Pop are no doubt enjoying the two nods garnered by songs from Flight Of The Conchords (“The Most Beautiful Girl (In The Room)” and “Inner City Pressure”). Too bad both of them are probably going to lose to that beaten-to-death song about Sarah Silverman boinking Matt Damon, which after listen two is just as insufferable and annoying as her “comedic” persona. Ah, well, now that she’s done with Kimmel, there’s always next year! [emmys.tv]


  1. NeverEnough

    Not music related at all but how in the hell did “The Wire” not get ANY nominations? Jesus.

  2. Mike P.

    It got one measly nod, best writing for a drama series for the final episode. Sad, really,

  3. exposition

    @NeverEnough: Simon & Burns were nominated for best writing for the finale. Still, I think David Simon already answered this in his letter to the fans:

    “We are a culture without the will to seriously examine our own problems. We eschew that which is complex, contradictory or confusing. As a culture, we seek simple solutions. We enjoy being provoked and titillated, but resist the rigorous, painstaking examination of issues that might, in the end, bring us to the point of recognizing our problems, which is the essential first step to solving any of them.”


  4. NickEddy

    AND how did Wire never win a grammy?

    “Ex Lion Tamer” = Grammy gold!

    Also: watched first three episodes of Mad Men, which was good, but why a Cardigans song at the end of epi. # 2?

    For all the “attention to detail” that the producer pays to everything, it was rather jarring. Stay era-specific, says me. Who has not had a hit show. I have watched a lot of MASH and Sixty Minutes, though.

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