Jul 21st, 2008 // 8 Comments

82006671.jpgJarvis Cocker fans who missed his set from the Pitchfork Music Festival should check out his cover of Master C & J’s Chicago house classic “Face It” as soon as their mouse-clicking fingers will let them. (Unfortunately this site only has that excerpt from the show, and not Jarvis’ between-song banter, where he read fun facts about Chicago that he’d gleaned from Wikipedia and pretty much endorsed Barack Obama. The “Jarvis For Obama ’08″ stickers will be forthcoming as soon as I can get to a Kinko’s.) [creamteam.tv / Photo: Getty]


  1. ObtuseIntolerant

    Ooh, and he’s playing in Brooklyn tonight? I must say this is the first time I’ve felt a genuine pang of nostalgia for living in the old borough. Dang.

  2. amandacobra

    I was holding out for a Jarvis Cocker cover of “25 or 6 to 4″ but I guess I am going to have to keep waiting.

  3. moomintroll

    yep. I was there, it was amazing. I’m so glad that he still puts on a show…writhing about on the floor like a lunatic, doing the “are you sure?” pointy finger and such. I was one of those people in the front trying to get pictures of him wriggling about…yeah, I’m annoying at shows. I saw him at Coachella two years ago, but I preferred him this time, maybe that’s because the anxiety of Bjork performing next was taken away?
    I thought when he said we had a chance to change who was ruling the world he meant McCain ;)? (surely McCain’s not a c**t….pshaw)

  4. DavidWatts

    @moomintroll: Oh, man, you mean he did Common People? There was none of that during last year’s “this band are not Pulp” tour. If he’s back to doing those, though, I might have to reconsider skipping terminal 5 tomorrow. . .

  5. Ned Raggett

    I appreciate the current hair, then again I would.

  6. Poubelle

    @DavidWatts: He didn’t do any Pulp songs, but it was still damn amazing.

    Thanks to his banter, I now know my city apparently has a famous dental instructor. Also, it’s nice to know that at least there’s someone from the UK who’s sorry about Eric Clapton.

  7. DavidWatts

    @Poubelle: oh snap. I thought “are you sure” was that line from Common People. Sighhhhhh.

  8. moomintroll

    @DavidWatts: no sorry, he just did the “are you sure?” hand movements to new songs… I thought he was going to do a Pulp song for the encore, he started talking about 1986, so I thought he might do something from “It”. He had a lovely new song about meeting someone in the Natural History museum complete with “pun intended” lyrics like “…no bones about it”.

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