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According to an alleged tracklisting for Metallica’s forthcoming “it’s really a comeback this time” album Death Magnetic, the band has written “The Unforgiven III,” which is, yes, yet another sequel to their 1991 song “The Unforgiven.” There’s also allegedly a track called “The End Of The Line,” which I really really hope is a Traveling Wilburys cover. Lars can sing the Roy Orbison parts! (Click the fingerprint/iron filings/gaping hole on the Death Magnetic cover for the full tracklisting.)

01. Death Magnetic
02. That Was Just Your Life
03. The End of the Line
04. Broken, Beat & Scarred
05. The Day That Never Comes
06. All Nightmare Long
07. Cyanide
08. The Unforgiven III
09. The Judas Kiss
10. Suicide & Redemption
11. My Apocalypse

METALLICA: ‘Death Magnetic’ Track Listing Revealed? [Blabbermouth]

  1. alec_baldwin

    OK. Why is the catbag photo back up there?

  2. Camp Tiger Claw

    Album Art by:

  3. TheRunningboard7

    I hope to God I hear the lyrics “CAUSE YOU’RE UNNNN-FORGIVEN. THREEE-EE-EE”

  4. Chris Molanphy

    I believe we have a history here at Idolator of calling out cover art that resembles the female anatomy, so I’ll just say it: that’s a coffin-shaped vag.

  5. DaeSu

    The music has got to be better than the cover, right?

  6. enriquez the water bottle

    Unforgiven 3? Seriously?

    Too late. This album will suck.

  7. bcapirigi

    @Chris Molanphy: Not a fingerprint vag?

  8. alec_baldwin

    @Chris Molanphy: Well, yeah, but why is it back? Me no likey.

  9. scarletvirtue

    @TheRunningboard7: How would this version sound? The first one was pretty rock n’roll, the second seemed a bit country, will this one be jazz or techno?

  10. uptonking

    Is it just me – or does the album cover look like an Absolut vodka ad? Hmm… those MF’s will do anthing to make a buck… or a quarter, nickle… penny.

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