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AP080718011523.jpgOMG, could Sugarland keep Miley Cyrus from the top spot on the album charts next week? Breakout was only 2,000 sales ahead of the super-deluxe edition of Sugarland’s Love On The Inside through the end of yesterday, according to sales reported by Trans World Entertainment, Best Buy, Circuit City, Starbucks, Borders, iTunes, Target, Anderson Merchandisers, and Handleman. (Both albums officially hit stores on Tuesday.) And Sugarland’s outselling Miley at Amazon, too! What will Disney do? Does this mean more MySpace picture leaks are in the offing? [Billboard]


  1. Rob Murphy

    Sugarland’s album is better than Miley’s album.

    There, I said it.

    P.S. I still stand with my prediction that Miley will get a BNA nom from Grammy this year.

  2. Al Shipley

    I know that in a world flooded with Lil Wayne freestyles, the whole idea of balancing supply and demand has gone out the window, but is it possible that after releasing a double album, a remix album and a live album in the space of a year, there’s not really that much voracious demand for a new CD from her at the moment?

  3. Anonymous

    I guess Sugarland’s appropriation of Wayne’s hamster ball is working its magic.

  4. Chris Molanphy

    So who is Kanye and who is 50 Cent in this analogy? I’m going with Miley=Fitty.

    If Sugarland pulls this off, it’d be the biggest album-chart upset since…well, I can’t think of a similar upset that was both close and unexpected. Maybe New Edition’s 1996 comeback album taking No. 1 over R.E.M.’s post-Warner-ripoff-deal New Adventures in Hi-Fi? I believe that was a close one.

  5. Rob Murphy

    @Chris Molanphy: If I were any good at Photoshop-fakery, I’d mock up a fake RS cover with Miley and Jennifer Nettles in a stare-down for the ages.

    But, I won’t even try, because my version would just look like Miley’s mom saying “EAT YOUR BROCCOLI!!!”, with Miley saying, “SCREW YOU! I’M THE BREAD-WINNER IN THIS FAMILY!!!”

    P.S. Jennifer Nettles is a strong supporter of poverty-relief causes — and register-to-vote causes — so, for this purpose, I’m perfectly fine being on Team Sugarland.

  6. revmatty

    That pic makes Miley look like an amputee cheerleader. Good on you!

  7. Rob Murphy

    @Al Shipley: Miley freestyling over “A Milli” FTW!

  8. Thierry

    @Rob Murphy: How long before we get a deluxe version of Breakout with some feat. Lil Wayne remix? I say three months tops.

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