Jul 30th, 2008 // 5 Comments

rocknrollisgone.jpgI’ve received some 20-odd e-mails about those flyers and banner ads posing the all-caps query “WHERE DID ROCK N’ ROLL GO?” over the past few weeks, so I figure I’m performing a public service by letting you all know that now, you can answer the question yourself on a brand-new blog. (According to the ID3 tags of the MP3 that is streaming from the site–usability warning!–a band named The Swindle Tourmaline (thanks Tim!) apparently has the answer.) [WHERE DID ROCK N' ROLL GO? via AbsolutePunk/ Pic via skidder]


  1. Anonymous

    The band is called Tourmaline, “The Swindle” is an album they have that’s coming out.

  2. Maura Johnston

    @tim_loves_cats: thanks! fixed. the song’s not half-bad, as virally marketed tracks go.

  3. natepatrin

    Yeah, where did rock and roll go? I’m still waiting for the Hold Steady and the Drive-By Truckers and Boris to release albums this y- oh wait

  4. ObtuseIntolerant

    Oh God. My eyes are falling out of my head from the rolling.

  5. Anonymous

    I dig these posters a lot more than the “moving? 20hr” ones, so I hope they keep it up. The song’s pretty cool too.

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