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AP080717028015.jpgThe gossip pages are incoherent at the best of times, but this “portrait” of Samantha Ronson, aimed at folks who barely grasp the real-world role of Ronson’s GIRLFRIEND GIRLFRIEND A THOUSAND TIMES GIRLFRIEND Lindsay Lohan, is a doozy. We’re told that Ronson–producer Mark’s little sister–has, thanks to Lohan, “helped raise Ronson’s status from quirky hipster to A-list DJ.” You know, the kind of quirky hipster who just so happened to be DJ’ing large corporate events long before she and Lohan started seeing each other a year or so ago. (But you know, “seeing” as euphemism because when Sam’s brother Mark refers to them as a couple, they’re given the benefit of the doubt just in case Lohan decides to tell the world, “Just kidding!”) [ABC News]


  1. NeverEnough

    I have a slight, straight-girl crush on her (despite the fact that the hat makes me want to punch her). Is it just me?

  2. Anonymous

    God, what a joke of an article. Mark Ronson “mixed” Winehouse’s album? I think not, ABC! Such a simple article, and yet so poorly researched, which really gets me. I’m sure the NYT Style Section will be all over this subject matter next.

  3. Al Shipley

    Haven’t “quirky hipster” and “A-list DJ” been interchangeable terms for a couple years now?

  4. Tauwan

    I am still on the fence with this whole Lindsay Lohan – Samantha Ronson couple nonsense. On the one hand I’m all “good for her. They look happy.” Etc., etc. And then a larger part of me is sure this is a goddamn publicity stunt to keep Linds in the papers and your tv screen. Cause Lindsay loves fame and attention first and foremost and above all else right?

    (I blame Dina Lohan.)

  5. slickhop

    lame. yeah, ronson “mixed” her “debut” album.

    poorly written/reseatched slop.

    i think those two are mad cute.

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