Pink Visits The Craziest Pedicure Salon Ever

Sep 16th, 2008 // 4 Comments


Not shown: The battalion of nail technicians who are in full clown makeup; the hot towels, which are scented with popcorn butter; and, of course, the waxing room, which precedes the pain of having hairs ripped from your skin with the thrill of a 50-foot drop on a water slide, so you’re not really sure why you’ve been struck with the urge to scream bloody murder.

They’ll Photoshop the real horse in afterwards [Popjustice]

  1. Chris Molanphy

    I’m surprised she hasn’t gone toward this circus imagery sooner — it dovetails with some of her recent stage act, which I saw when she opened for Timberlake early last year: lots of trapeze-like hanging-rope tricks and such. She even did a bit of it in her VMA perf last week.

  2. Al Shipley

    @Chris Molanphy: Yeah, but I wish she didn’t bother, considering how played out circus themes/imagery are in pop these days (look no further than the albums Britney and T-Pain are releasing in 2-3 months).

  3. Chris Molanphy

    @Al Shipley: …and the flop Panic at the Disco album. Yeah, you’ve got a point.

  4. Anonymous

    Funhouse Pink? Hmm. My mind is in a Ringling Brothers gutter.

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