Come Back, Pete Wentz… We Need You

Sep 16th, 2008 // 4 Comments

mtv.gifAs Chris Molanphy mentioned in today’s TRL post, the overnight block of videos on MTV seems to have disappeared from the channel’s schedule. As part of our endless commitment to using the power of statistics to figure out just what the heck is going on at 1515 Broadway, we looked at MTV’s video-airplay statistics to figure out if the channel was completely devoid of music, or if it just seemed that way.

Looking back at the airplay statistics since Sept. 8–when we were subjected to Katy Perry’s rendition of “Like A Virgin” for the very first time–the snippets of videos shown on TRL have been the only “music video”-related content on the station, with the exception of one late-Tuesday airing of the new Cassie video. (Which was probably an operator error.) So, when the music video was apparently “back” during the first run of FNMTV–which is apparently coming back later this fall–that statement must have meant “the video is back, at least while we’re waiting for new episodes of Real World/Road Rules Challenge to emerge from the editing bay.”

(Before someone feels to need to make the comment, I’m aware they haven’t been in the “music” business for awhile. I just miss that they used to at least pretend for an hour or so that they were.)

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  1. Anonymous

    I seem to remember that there used be a “video wake-up” which you could usually catch if you were just coming home from working the graveyard shift at Denny’s. Apparently, that is not the case anymore.

  2. Anonymous

    Your wishing for videos on MTV is akin to wishing that your first girlfriend, now married with three kids and living happily in a gated community in Westchester, will call you up and tell you she’s loved you all along.


  3. LeBron

    If you need a fix, check your cable or satellite listings for “MTV Hits” — as someone who works rather unconventional hours, this station has been a solid go-to for me. I’m pretty sure they just play videos 24 hours a day. (This seems like an ad, but like Giuseppe Franco, I don’t own anything about it! Just pointing it out)

  4. Reidicus

    For awhile, I actually was enjoying the fact that I could use videos airing from 5-7 am to somewhat keep up with what was popular. (I’d watch them on my 5:30 am treadmill run. Yes, I am a sick sick man.) But so much for that, I guess.

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