TV On The Radio Plop Down In Front Of The TV On A Saturday Morning

Sep 16th, 2008 // 3 Comments

Much like its sonic accompaniment, the video for TV On The Radio’s “Golden Age” is pretty great in so many ways, I’d probably run out of characters in this text-entry box to describe it. Sure, it has references to Joy Division and the Care Bears, to the Village People and to Voltron, all of which are played out on a blue-sky background that’s seemingly within reach at any moment. But what I can’t stop seeing is a clip that feels like the only culmination of a long life spent inhaling the culture (and “culture”) of the cable-TV era, from the time of those clicky plastic boxes that could descramble the Playboy Channel if you hit the right buttons all the way through to the HD-ed out present. [YouTube]


  1. Anonymous

    I’m taking your Village People and raising you a COP ROCK!

  2. Defenestrated

    I’ve spent a good bit of the past weekend completely lost in this album.

  3. Anonymous

    Actually it’s Hot Cops from Arrested Development. No touching!

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