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In “color me confused” news, one new aspect of the Zune mysteriously not mentioned during last week’s exciting rollout was that now, courtesy of a partnership with McDonald’s, you, the Zune user, can wirelessly download music while underneath the magnificent golden arches. This is somewhat similar to the iPhone/Starbucks partnership. I haven’t been in a McDonald’s in ages, so maybe they’ve hipped up the place as far as recommending music goes; either way, I think I’ll just stick to my Double Double from In-N-Out and wait until I get home to download the new Taylor Swift single. [PR Newswire]

  1. DeeW

    McDonald’s is an obvious choice. Haven’ t you seen the (former) Zune Guy?


    OK, that was mean of me. Very very mean. I’m going to burn in hell.

    But the technical reasons makes sense. They are partnering with companies that use Waveport for wifi – the first being McDonalds – so you can use their wifi free to download music or update your collection, since Waveport doesn’t require a web browser and Zune doesn’t have one.

    Zune still has one up on my iPod Nano, though: The Nano and Classic doesn’t even have wifi (which makes no damn sense at all to me).

  2. Maura Johnston

    @DW: It’s funny to me that, what, 10 years ago I was reading about McDonald’s efforts to engineer their seating so customers would be discouraged from sitting around because of the threat of back pain…

  3. cassidy2099

    Yeah, rub in that wonderful In and Out Burger access, forever denied to us on the east side of the country.

  4. DeeW

    @Maura Johnston: That’s really really depressing. Sooner or later, we’re going to be living in the Demolition Man world where Taco Bell is considered “fine dining”. Obesity, ftw!

    I hope I die before that happens.

    On the upsi– I mean, downside, you guys mentioning McDs has made me get a craving for one of their apple pies.

  5. Chris Molanphy

    @cassidy2099: Second that. Man, I wish we had In-N-Out in these parts.

    I understand the reason Microsoft needed to sign a deal with someone to supply free WiFi, Starbucks-style, is that the Zune can’t access browser-blocked nodes. (Which…I think? the iPhone/iPod Touch can access…not sure.)

  6. KinetiQ

    Wesley Willis was right! WAKE UP SHEEPLE!

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