The End Of “TRL”: What It Means For MTV Interns, Sbarro, And America

Sep 16th, 2008 // 6 Comments

As we pointed out in our initial post about the imminent demise of MTV’s daily video-countdown/celebrity-clusterfuck hour TRL, there’s a sad result for teenaged New York-area fans of artists like the Jonas Brothers, Tokio Hotel, and Flo Rida (pretty sure he still has fans) who were looking for an easy reason to pick a day to cut school: They’re now down at least one reason to take a mental health day, at least if they’re not into the whole “making stuff up wholesale” sort of thing. But what other unintended consequences will the “hiatus” of TRL bring? Dan and I came up with a few, which are after the jump.

1. The Sbarro on Broadway will probably have to cut back on staff. After all, who’s silly enough to eat their “pizza” aside from high school students with underdeveloped palates? (Michael Scott’s a fictional character, mind.)

2. O-Town loses its opportunity to reunite solely for the purpose of retiring a second video from the countdown. Now Ashley Parker Angel really has no reason to hang out around Broadway.

3. The dating pool for MTV interns takes a huge hit. Guess you’ll have to find your summer flings while waiting in line at the super-fancy cafeteria, kids!

4. Lyndsey Rodrigues may need to learn how to read a teleprompter. Sorry, babe.

5. The number of recent pictures of up-and-coming young musicians on the AP and Getty photo wires is going to plummet. Please trust me when I say that this is a bad, bad thing, especially for me.

5a. We’ll never see 50 Cent smile again. See what I mean in No. 5???

6. The Virgin Megastore across the street from MTV’s studios will have even less foot traffic now. So much for it staying open through February 2009, I guess!

7. Speaking of things staying open, is it a coincidence that this announcement happened to be the same day that the crap was hitting the A/C vent at Lehman Brothers, which has (had?) a garish, ticker-festooned headquarters right down the street? Oh, America.

  1. DeeW

    I just passe along this news to a co-worker (who is the ONLY 28-year-old woman I know who owns a Jonas Brothers backpack – no kidding!)

    She’s really upset! I smirked a little… OK a lot.

    (This site is making me mean.)

  2. Sniffle

    Just wait….

  3. ObtuseIntolerant

    @DW: Huh. As a similarly aged Jonas Brothers fan (no backpack) I hate TRL with a white hot irrelevant and lowest common denominator. Most 12 year old JB fans even think so. LOL.

  4. wakeupbomb

    You know who sucks? Every “band” mentioned in this post.

  5. Maura Johnston

    @wakeupbomb: But how do you feel about Sbarro?

  6. wakeupbomb

    Love Sbarro.

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