Sep 17th, 2008 // 2 Comments

lillllly.jpgLily Allen’s second album, Stuck On The Naughty Step, has a release date of Feb. 9, 2009 penciled into EMI’s calendar. Also right now she’s working on a video, although she says it’s “for viral release,” which like isn’t the whole point of a “viral” video for it to be sort of under-the-radar and able to trick users into thinking that they accidentally popularized it? Oh, language. How I weep for your lost meanings. Anyway, here’s my guess as to its concept: It’s a “Will It Blend?” segment featuring photos of Katy Perry. [Lily Allen's MySpace Blog]

  1. mackro

    I think she means they found a way to encode the album into the DNA of an actual virus that will be spread like a music pandemic triggered by Lily Allen coughing aggressively at a press release.

  2. rajmahall

    Allen might be silly, frequently drunk, not exceptionally talented, but she is still 1000x as charming and 1/10000 as loathsome as Perry. Really, she can only improve the popular landscape.

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