The “NME” Is Kind Of Awards-Happy, Don’t You Think?

Sep 17th, 2008 // 3 Comments

Really, NME? Bugging your readers to vote for you for Best Music Magazine in what I think is the 10,000th British pseudo-event of this fiscal quarter? Can’t you just add a category to your own awards ceremony that honors, I don’t know, the Best Issue In Which We Flogged A Band That May Not Have Really Deserved The Hype, or the Best Overwrought, Exclamation-Point-Addled Coverline, or the Most Excitable Headline About The Arctic Monkeys? Because the blog-begging, it’s just so… gauche. [NME]


  1. CarsmileSteve

    dammit, those pseudo-events are all we have to keep our economy going! it’s not like we MAKE anything anymore…

  2. DocStrange

    I love British indie rock, but I kind of understand why people hate it (because of “magazines” like NME hyping them to death)

  3. Anonymous

    The NME has kinda jumped the shark, don’t you think?

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