My Studio: Home Of Your Deluded Fantasy Of Fame

Sep 19th, 2008 // 12 Comments

Scottsdale, Ariz., is rarely seen as a place where pioneering inventions are launched, unless possibly those innovations are in the cosmetic surgery or shiny shirt industries. However, I couldn’t be more excited by the debut of My Studio, where those people who have tendencies toward taking themselves way too seriously at the karaoke night can share their brilliance with the world!

For $20, apparently you can walk in, sing something from the EMI catalog in front of a digital backdrop, and leave clutching a DVD of the whole shebang. Plus, you can contribute to the company’s version of YouTube, which manages to be simultaneously more professional and ridiculously amateur hour-like.

Each MyStudio contains five plug-in ports for electrical instruments such as guitar, bass, keyboard, drums or even DJ turntables. The cost is $20 for each four-minute recording session. Each user will receive a DVD of his or her performance within minutes of the end of the session.

MyStudio is more than just a video recording studio — it provides a powerful social networking and media distribution tool. Minutes after creating a video, users can view it online at, download it to their cell phone and post it online for public viewing. Through partnerships with talent agencies, casting directors, record labels and others, MyStudio can help connect industry pros with fresh talent, and MyStudio users may also soon be able to submit their videos directly to television reality shows.

So I’ll be able to record my musical masterpiece and audition for the new season of while at the giant mall across town that I never actually go to? It’s like all my dreams are coming true in one day!

Studio One Media Launches Its First MyStudio Video Recording Studio in Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall [Yahoo! Finance]


  1. PengIn

    Never go the mall, eh? This tanking economy is all your fault.

  2. Ned Raggett

    It looks like the control booth in the “Suddenly” sequence of Xanadu:

  3. Maura Johnston

    This is going to be even better than the time I paid $9.95 to sing “Foolish Beat” at Adventureland!

  4. Dead Air ummm Dead Air

    @Maura Johnston: Well, I highly doubt that.

  5. SAShepherd

    @Maura Johnston: You paid too much.

    And, Dan, that Palm Court is already way too crowded. Trying to walk through there just so I can get to the damn movie theatre is already hard enough without negotating packs of young adults finding $5 each so the four of them can go into the booth and record their version of the latest hit from Fergie for all of posterity.

    Can’t I just eat my cookies from Paradise Bakery in peace?

  6. Maura Johnston

    @SAShepherd: Isn’t that the rule by which carnies live by?

  7. Maura Johnston

    @Maura Johnston: ouch, nice double-by there. time for happy hour to start!

  8. Ned Raggett

    @Maura Johnston: DAMN YOU. (In that I still have an hour and a half to go at work.)

  9. SAShepherd

    @Maura Johnston: Two “by’s?” Perhaps happy hour has already started.

  10. Anonymous

    @PengIn: now these scottsdale tweenagers are going to put their folks in the poor house at 20 bucks a pop, chasing empty promises of stardom from the canadian criminal founder.

  11. Anonymous

    Clearly I’m missing the point here. Recording in a real studio won’t set you back $300/hr

  12. kevin99

    I love this thing!

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