What New Sounds Were You Listening To Two Years Ago? (And Are You Listening To Any Of Them Today?)

Sep 19th, 2008 // 43 Comments

Something I forgot to mention this week: Idolator turned two on Sunday, a milestone that I am hoping does not usher in a year easily described by the word “terrible.” (People are still not sure on just how to pronounce its name, which I suppose I could take as some sort of sign but won’t.) The milestone not only made me wonder just how many hours I’ve spent cultivating blog ass, it made me think about how my listening habits have changed since then. Unfortunately, going through two hard drives during my blogging days has made a quick spin through iTunes’ “Recently Played” list impossible, but perusal of the archives reveals that around that time, when I wasn’t gorging myself on New Jack Swing, I was listening to new material by Bat For Lashes (who I still spin from time to time) and Evanescence’s follow-up to Fallen (not so much, although I do love the ways of Amy Lee’s stylist). Also, on the edition of the Billboard Hot 100 that came out around Idolator’s launch, the song after the jump made its entrance:

I know, right? It’s been that long. Anyway, if you remember what bands you were digging around then, please, fill me in–especially if you’re still listening to them now, and especially if those previous two qualifications fit the description of your relationship with Annuals. (Someone’s gotta buy their second album, right?)

Justin Timberlake – My Love [Dailymotion]

  1. Rob Murphy

    I only listen to whatever Idolator tells me to listen to.

  2. Audif Jackson Winters III

    The last Regina Spektor album. Yes, occasionally, but only the poppier tracks.

  3. Ned Raggett

    The last Tool album, I think — barely touched it since.

  4. Eugene Langley

    Sam’s Town. My love for the Killers has not diminished, though my love for “My Love” kinda has.

  5. narymary

    Two years I ago I was listening to The Woods by Sleater-Kinney. Songs from it still make regular appearances on playlists.

  6. cookiedough

    tokyo police club. i only listen to “cheer it on” when my roommate turns on the trey told em remix. i was so naive at 16.

  7. Chris Molanphy

    That JT single still owns.

    I was just starting to listen to Hot Chip two years ago at this time, and now they’re basically my favorite band of recent vintage. Also, continuing the danceable-rock theme, two years ago in November, I downloaded the leak of Sound of Silver, and that’s never left my rotation in 22 months.

    Oh, and: Happy Belated Birthday to…um, us!

  8. Rob Murphy

    @Rob Murphy: Actually, I was coming out of a period during which I was listening to a lot of not-music — podcasts (tech and politics mostly), news & talk radio and such. I was losing my grip on new music, and I was yearning to get back to music. Idolator came at just the right time for me — a witty, smart, well-written blog that made no bones about its love for a wide range of musical stylings, including Top 40 / modern pop. It was exactly what I needed to help me jumpstart my re-love for music.

    So, Happy Birthday!

    Also, as far as actual music goes, around that time a friend of mine made a mix-CD for me that had 2 tracks from JT (“My Love” & “Chop Me Up”) and tracks from Fergie, Snow Patrol, Panic!, and a few other Modern Rock and Top 40 types from the Summer of ’06. Oh — and also Brooke Hogan.

    I was listening to that.

  9. Rob Murphy

    @Chris Molanphy: That JT single still owns…

    Yes sir, it does. The two cuts I noted above always make it to my ears when I need a JT fix.

    Ah, remember two years ago when it seemed like every big hit was produced by Timbaland and Maura sorta-half-hoped that Fergie would flop as a solo artist? Good times…

  10. Michaelangelo Matos

    I wasn’t listening to anything. My laptop had died and I couldn’t afford to fix it, and that’s what I listened to everything on. 2006 was, pretty easily, the worst year of my adult life.

  11. MayhemintheHood

    I listened to First Impressions of Earth at least once a week that entire year, so that’s the first thing that comes to mind. I don’t think I’ve listened to it in a couple months. Probably will this weekend, though, thanks to this post.

  12. PengIn

    My son was born the day before Idolator, so mostly I was listening to tiny, tiny yelling. Also, Mastodon’s Blood Mountain, which is awesome.

  13. RaptorAvatar

    I was probably listening to Lifter Puller every day of my life along with copious amounts of spazzcore and stuff from “Our Band Could Be Your Life.”

  14. Anonymous

    The Junior Boys album, and now I’ve got Jeremy Greenspan (of the, ahem, JBs) singing on the new Morgan Geist album…

  15. Anonymous

    The Junior Boys album, and now I’ve got Jeremy Greenspan (of the, ahem, JBs) singing on the new Morgan Geist record…

  16. lesbiansayswhat

    Well ‘Ys’ by Joanna Newsom was Nov 2006. I’ve been listening to it a lot ever since..with help from new versions by her Ys Street Band.

  17. Anonymous

    2 years ago…
    I was finally coming off my 18 month Postal Service/The Stars trance-y emo kick, and had firmly switched over to unapologetic pop. My top albums were Christina Aguilera’s “Back to Basics”, JT’s “Futuresex/Lovesounds”, Carrie Underwood’s “Some Hearts”, and Beyonce’s “B-Day.”
    I would bet that my “Recently Played” list would also have included singles by Fergie, Pussycat Dolls, Nickelback, and Panic at the Disco.
    Didn’t “White and Nerdy” come out around then too? Or am I off by a year?

  18. T'Challa

    Here’s a funny one: 2006 was the year Lady Sovereign was having her brief moment before everyone decided they liked Lily Allen better…

  19. Lax Danja House

    I recently upgraded FutureSex/LoveSounds from a 4/5 to a 5/5. I am convinced it is the last decent thing Timbaland will ever do.

    Back then, I was digging JT, Beyonce and the latest Butch Walker album, but mainly I had it hard for Elvis. It’s funny how phases can pass- I went away for the winter of 2006 and put half my CDs in the attic, and I haven’t brought 90% of them down since. Half my music career wiped out!

  20. Tauwan

    1. Jenny Lewis – Rabbit Furcoat

    [Not so much now, but man was it my go to record for a good 6-12 months]

    2. The Elected – Sun, Sun, Sun

    [Long time, no play]

    3. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Show Your Bones

    [Turn Into has returned to my life recently]

    4. The Blow – Paper Television

    [Long time. No Play]

    5. Justin Timberlake – Futursex/Love Sounds

    [Long time no play. Justin's been rubbing me the wrong way lately. Don't really know why?]

    6. The Rapture – Pieces of the People We Love

    [Go back. Listen to that opening trifecta of Don Go Do It into
    Pieces of the People We Love into the saxeriffic Get Myself Into It.
    That some funky shit on wax right there. Yes it is]

    7. Beyonce – B’Day

    [Currently have Solange's latest disc in constant rotation. Whenever
    I want a little throwback sounding soul to add to the mix, I press play
    on Suga Mama. And yes, okay I get my Irreplaceable on from time to time
    as well. There.]

    8. Gwen Stefani – The Sweet Escape

    [Constant. Rotation. Back in the day. Now? 4 in the Morning. That's the joint, that's the jam.]

    9. Scissor Sisters – Ta-Dah

    [Discovering more Scissor Sisters fans coming out of the woodwork as the years go by. That's what's up!]

    10. Dirty Sanchez – Dirty Sanchez

    [So ridiculous. So right. Too much. Just right. I had no business liking this as much as I did, but I did.]

  21. walkmasterflex

    the hold steady’s boys and girls in america was on repeat for days with nothing else sometimes. i still dig into it occasionally these days.

  22. brownham

    grizzly bear yellow house and yes still listening

  23. RaptorAvatar

    @walkmasterflex: Yeah, I’m pretty sure I had at least a couple of days (weeks?) where I’d just loop that record.

  24. D.R. Mosby

    @walkmasterflex: the hold steady’s boys and girls in america was on repeat for days with nothing else sometimes.

    Likewise, with occasional spins of Interpol’s Antics (which was in heavy rotation prior to B&GIA) and Ben Folds’ Songs for Silverman. The first two I still play on a regular basis, the third one not so much.

  25. Poubelle

    @anibundel: No, Weird Al’s last album definitely came out that fall. (One of my friends burned me a copy for Christmas that year.)

  26. hortense

    Sunset Rubdown’s Shut Up I Am Dreaming is the album that stands out from 2006, for me.

    And I still love it, very much.

  27. Jess Harvell

    sept. through dec. 2006 was one of the more batshit phases of my adult life, and things that kept me sane(ish) included a lot of edu lobo and milton nascimento, dan higgs’ “ancestral songs,” robert wyatt’s ’70s/early ’80s stuff, and scritti politti. (and “my love,” of course.) all of which still get played regularly today.

  28. Jess Harvell

    (higgs, scritti, and j.t. are, of course, the only records that actually came out in ’06.)

  29. mexiback

    My Top Ten songs from 2006 according to iTunes:

    1. “Sing me Spanish Techno” – The New Pornographers (I love the Pornographers, I like “Challengers” a lot but “Twin Cinema” was the shit)
    2. “An Imagined Affair” – Elbow
    3. “No Hace Falta” – Julieta Venegas
    4. “Black Coffee” – All Saints
    5. “Be Mine” – Robyn
    6. “Hasta que el Sol se Apague” – Jumbo
    7. “A kick in the teeth” – Fischerspooner
    8. “El Tuviera no Existe” – María Daniela y su Sonido Lasser
    9. “Intuition” (First Version) – Feist
    10. “Atrévete” – Calle 13

  30. Charlie Kerfelds Jetsons Tee

    Lots of Fahey. Not much has changed.

    I was probably enjoying Comets on Fire’s “Avatar,” too.

  31. Poubelle

    I was listening to a lot of Pulp. That hasn’t changed a bit. (I probably spent most of the fall getting excited over leaks from Jarv’s solo album.) I was also unwillingly listening to a lot of Nickelback, thanks to my very first college roommate (who, thankfully, moved out the next semester).

  32. bcapirigi

    of the things i listened to a lot in 2006 (see here, if you care, which you shouldn’t, probably) i still play the organ and arab strap pretty regularly, and i usually still throw dynasty handbag and that one acid mothers’ temple song on mixes i make other people. lily allen and christina aguilera and the pipettes, not so much.

  33. fabulousrobots

    I listened to M. Ward’s “Post War” a lot, and I play all of his records pretty often still. I think during that period I also listened to TV on the Radio, Akron/Family, Phoenix, Essex Green, Joanna Newsom & Soccer Team. Pretty excited about the new TOTR record, actually.

  34. Luke N Atmaguchi

    You don’t pay us for weekend, we don’t post even link-out tidbit on pop-punk drummer’s plane crash.

  35. DocStrange

    In 2006, Aside from stalwarts like The Cure, Radiohead and Pink Floyd, I was listening to alot of Arctic Monkeys (I bought “Whatever People Say I Am…” the first day it was available in the States), New Order, early Human League (from before the girls came in and they were making songs like “Being Boiled”), The KLF and Clutch. I still listen alot to the first four (yes, even The KLF), but Clutch has fallen on the wayside for me.

  36. westartedthis

    i’ve listened to “The Drift” a shocking amount since it first hit in 2006. it’s on rotation in my car right now, actually. i haven’t listened to “Ys” in a while, but that doesn’t mean i devalue it. Boris’ “Pink” has been in constant rotation, along with a lot of other stuff by Boris. i’ve listened to Plague Bringer’s first record many, many times in 2007 and 2008, though their new one has seen more action lately, obviously. i don’t listen to the pipettes really at all, but i don’t regret making “Pull Shapes” my no. 2 song of the year. i sort of wore out “Fishscale” and the disappointing “Big Doe Rehab” sent me running further back, to “Ironman” and “Supreme Clientele”. i don’t return to cookie mountain as often as i thought i might, but i still consider it a fine record.

    “Destroyer’s Rubies” doesn’t get pulled out that often. i think i want to like Destroyer more than i do. “Silent Shout” is still great.

    i regret not putting “It’s Never Been Like That” on more in 2006. because while i found it a little lite at first, it owned 2007 for me and continues to own to this day.

  37. Halfcatfacelose

    @Tauwan: fancy that, not only was I about to say Jenny lewis and the Rapture, but Turn Into has also re-entered my life lately. I wonder how much of this confluence of music taste I should put down to Idolator’s influence??

    CSS’ Let’s Make Love… also owned the later months of my 2006.

  38. galactus5000

    Jenny Lewis – yes, Rabbit Furcoat still plays here.
    Regina Spektor – not so much, but she still pops up.
    Joanna Newsom – What the hell was I thinking?
    Lady Sov – very rarely.
    Arcade Fire – Yes indeedy.
    The Pipettes – I’m still all about classic Pips.

  39. seeohhellbeewhy

    i still listen to most of what i was listening to in 2006 (b&g in america, fishscale, night ripper) but probably the standout record from that year that’s still in heavy rotation is “hell hath no fury” by clipse. the “we got it 4 cheap” mixtapes just aren’t cohesive enough. i can listen to that record from start to finish on repeat for hours at end.

  40. schwarzsturm

    As for myself, Deftones “Saturday Night Wrist” and Editors’ “The Back Room” still remain on regular rotation.

  41. Wasp vs Stryper

    I feel like during CMJ 2006 I went and saw Tokyo Police Club, Silversun Pick Ups, Diamond Nights, The Bound Stems, Vietnam, Tapes N Tapes and The Like repeatedly….or at least one out of every three shows they had that week. I also think I played The Knife’s Silent Shout for six months straight and was just slowly beginning to tire of it.

  42. Anonymous

    I played Lupe’s Food and Liqour non-stop throughout the fall. I still listen to it, especially after his new disc came out. The Cool made me sad it wasn’t as cool as F and L.

  43. pwbk

    From the month on either side of September 2006, tracks that were ranking highly were by The Rapture, Malajube, Emily Haines and I’m From Barcelona (who I had completely forgotten about).

    I also got my Sirius receiver in late August of 2006 and started listening to a LOT of Left Of Center which meant I got all sorts of older indie music inputted into my library.

    Losing the “Date Added” metadata is the thing I fear most with my iTunes library.

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