The Woodie Awards Mix Awkward Innuendo With Sincere Appreciation Of Good Deeds

Sep 22nd, 2008 // 3 Comments

Now that the MTV Video Music Awards have been put to bed, it’s time for the channel’s college-aged sibling, mtvU, to announce the nominations for its Woodie Awards, which have along with their deliberately snicker-inducing name an award to honor artists’ philanthropic efforts, presumably so you feel bad about laughing at boner-related imagery. The nominations are all over the map, with no artist getting more than one nod. The artist of the year award–which goes by the name Woodie Of The Year–is split between Lil Wayne, Paramore, Tokyo Police Club, MGMT, and Santogold. I’d say there’s a pretty obvious winner out of that bunch, but who knows, maybe the kids will surprise me. Full slate of nominees after the jump.

Woodie of the Year – Artist of the Year
Lil Wayne (Cash Money Records)
Paramore (Atlantic Records)
Tokyo Police Club (Saddle Creek)
MGMT (Columbia Records)
Santogold (Downtown Records)

The Breaking Woodie – Best Emerging Artist
All Time Low (Hopeless Records)
We the Kings (S-Curve Records)
There For Tomorrow (Hopeless Records)
Lykke Li (Atlantic Records)
Tyga (Decaydance Records)

Left Field Woodie – Most Original Artist
No Age (Sub Pop Records)
Chromeo (Vice Records)
Yelle (Capitol Records)
She & Him (Merge Records)
Cool Kids (C.A.K.E Records)

Best Video Woodie – Video of the Year
Gnarls Barkley “Who’s Gonna Save My Soul” (Atlantic Records / Downtown)
Erykah Badu “Honey” (Universal Motown Records)
Vampire Weekend “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa” (XL Recordings)
Adele “Chasing Pavements” (Columbia Records)
Motion City Soundtrack “It Had to be You” (Epitaph Records)

The Good Woodie – Greatest Social Impact
Eddie Vedder, for continued activism surrounding veteran issues, Bridge School benefit, PETA, and children’s music programs
Emmanuel Jal, for Gua Africa; a former child soldier himself, Emmanuel founded the organization to work with individuals, families and communities to help them overcome the effects of war and poverty
Ludacris, for the Ludacris Foundation; since 2001, the foundation has donated $500,000 to support grassroots organizations that work to help youth and has connected with youth to build stronger families and communities.
Jack’s Mannequin, for the Dear Jack Foundation; established by lead singer and leukemia survivor Andrew McMahon, this group raises money and awareness for cancer research
Mary J. Blige, for the FFawn Foundation; this foundation empowers women through scholarships, grants, and other educational resources, building confidence and career skills

Performing Woodie – Best Tour
Kanye West (Def Jam Recordings)
Atmosphere (Rhymesayers Entertainment)
NERD (Interscope Records)
The Ting Tings (Columbia Records)
Simian Mobile Disco (Wichita Recordings)

Radio Woodie – Best Campus Radio Station
KALX, University of California, Berkeley
KZSC, University of California, Santa Cruz
KSSU, Sacramento State University
KZSU, Stanford University
KCSU, Colorado State University, Fort Collins
WSOU, Seton Hall University
WERS, Emerson College
WICB, Ithaca College
WBSR, Brown University
WUSB, Stony Brook University
WUTK, University of Tennessee
WRAS, Georgia State University
WEGL, Auburn University
WWVU, West Virginia University
WXYC, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
KSLU, St. Louis University
KUOM, University of Minnesota
WGRE, DePauw University
WDBM, Michigan State
WITR, Rochester Institute of Technology

(NB: There’s also a Best Music On Campus award that culls its nominations from artists who have registered on the mtvU site; if last year is any indication, will be won by a sorta-nice, sorta-boring act.)

mtvU 2008 Woodie Awards []
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  1. DocStrange

    Ah, yes. My beloved MTVu.

    This is actually a nice selection (except for the Breaking Woodie. Really no Los Campesinos! love?).

    Also it’s hilarious that WBSR (which shares its call letters with an adult contemporary AM station in Florida) is up for best college radio station seeing as it is unlicensed by the FCC, and is dwarfed in popularity and broadcasting power (it broadcasts so low, that there are parts of the Brown University campus that can’t pick it up its signal) by its big brother WBRU – located on the same campus and owned by Brown Univeristy and is an award winning commercial Modern Rock formatted station (techically it is still a college radio station, albiet one of the few that actually commands a large listening audience). But I guess they wanted to pick a Rhode Island and/or New England college station (and they passed up on WRIU – URI’s station, which has a pretty strong signal and is a nice listen).

  2. bcapirigi

    Hey! BSR’s really good!

    The signal’s technically owned by the Wheeler School, which is the private high school down the street from Brown, but the signal itself is in Seekonk, a few towns over. Brown never invests much into BSR because they also own BRU, which traditionally has made them a lot more money (because it’s a commercial station with a commercial signal that Brown sort of weaseled itself into tax exemption for years and years.)

    Also, BRU kinda blows (Sundays excluded.) And though BSR’s only on the air about ten hours a day, it’s online for 24.

    (And I have a show on BSR, so obviously I’m partial.)

  3. DocStrange

    @bcapirigi: Well of course you’re a little partial. But I do like WBRU because it’s the only alternative rock formatted station in the whole state (It’s nice to see someone from and/or living in Rhode Island here). I actually didn’t know that they moved the signal (to Seekonk. Massachusetts). But the last time that I was around Brown, that’s what I got about BSR.

    For those that aren’t familiar with Bcapirigi’s mention of Sundays, on Sunday, WBRU plays hip-hop all day instead of alternative rock (and not the hip-hop that usually gets onto alternative stations like Beastie Boys (alternative hip hop), Dizzee Rascal (British grime and garage) and MC Lars (nerdcore) but actual hip-hop that would be played on a hip-hop formatted station). It confuses the hell out of Mediabase and Radio & Records (especially if you add in the fact that from 2AM to 6AM every weekday morning, WBRU plays jazz music).

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