It’s Hard To Find Good Help These Days

Sep 23rd, 2008 // 3 Comments

Courtney Love is having second thoughts over her MySpace Blog post this weekend offering a job as her house cleaner , describing the decision as “just wierd.” Apparently finding someone who was willing to get up early, yet not one of her “superfans” was just a bit too difficult. I’d like to report that there was other news hidden within her post today, but a random word generator took over at some point, writing “come on it musey ive got a very fine fine sharp pen and Leonard Cohens given me everything hes gonna, headleass footless, i am bound to you and no other but my child and the art i have made les=ts make LIGHTNING mama.” [Myspace]

  1. NeverEnough

    She has superfans? Since when?

  2. Lucas Jensen

    Since the media decided so years ago when the farce that was Live Through This was thrust upon us.

  3. Anonymous


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