David Cook: American Idol Or America’s Next Top Model?

OK, first of all: The picture at left is the promotional picture that Sony/BMG is distributing with material regarding American Idol winner David Cook, and, um, what happened? It’s like they decided to blast away his bartender-next-door looks (and his apple cheeks!) with Photoshop’s “airbrushed makeup” filter. I found said picture next to the stream of Cook’s new, Chris Cornell-assisted single “Light On,” which is over at PopEater. Unsurprisingly, I was pretty much right on the money about it being the soundtrack to every late-night drugstore run you’re going to embark on over the coming months, but I was surprised at its overwhelming resemblance to a lite-rock staple of years gone by.

Sure, “Light On” doesn’t have a female foil, but listening to these two songs back-to-back is making me want to talk to Chris Cornell about his feelings on the recent decimation of smooth-jazz radio.

Dan Hill & Vonda Shepherd – Can’t We Try [YouTube]
Cook Turns The “Light On” In Debut Single [PopEater]
[HT to Reed Fischer for the ANTM joke in the headline]

  • Chris Molanphy

    Sometimes when they touch,
    The grunginess is too much…
    And they have to just sit down and cry.

  • sicksteanein


  • Anonymous

    Total Photoshop of Horrors. Everything cute about him has been removed.

  • Thierry

    Wow, that picture just strengthens my “Phantom of Grung’opera” first impression…

  • Anonymous

    I couldn’t finish it. Safe grunge pop.

  • bcapirigi

    i had no idea vonda shepard did anything before the ally mcbeal theme song/marriage to mitchell froom.

    also, i hadn’t heard that song in years. damn you.

  • Anonymous

    Ok, this is not a model propoganda. It is a hide the big head agenda. He has the biggest head I have ever seen. And they had to chop off half of it to make him look presentable.

  • Anonymous

    I really wanted to like this single, but I just can’t. David’s uniqueness does not translate in the song. There is nothing separating this release from run of the mill Daughtry or Nickelback release – who he should be trying to separate himself from with a quickness. Aside from writing the song, there is way too much of Chris Cornell’s vibe in it – the music sounds too much like Soundgarden, and if you close your eyes and listen closely, it sounds like Cornell is singing. If I wanted a Chris Cornell record, I would buy one from Chris Cornell. I didn’t expect to hear David lose so much of what makes him special…his fans from the show will buy it in droves… I’m not so sure he will have such an easy sell to the public at large… I’m lowering my previous expectations for the album, and hope there is more authentic and substantive David Cook material in it.

  • Lax Danja House

    So he just records the songs that Chris Cornell didn’t want?

  • Anonymous

    I loved the single. I think he has a great voice. Just my humble opinion. As far as the photo, let me just say, I have seen him in the sun with a cap on no makeup, and he is well…how should I put this nicely…even prettier than that photo shows.

  • Anonymous

    I really did not care for this single. I feel his voice has been enhanced in the studio. He always seemed to have a raw/kind of roughness to his voice, which caught my attention. (and he did hit his share of bum notes!) Now it seems sort of smoothed out. But he is part of the music industry machinery, so he pretty much has to do what they want. I really don’t think that photo was his idea at all…and he probably cringed when he saw it. I still have high hope for the cd; I’m wondering if they put this out to see what type of comments would be made, and perhaps they can adjust the rest of the songs before final mixing. Who really knows. I still wish him the best of luck.