Sep 24th, 2008 // 9 Comments

Amerie’s Because I Love It, which was collecting dust on the shelves at Sony BMG for a really, really long time despite being a pretty good slice of R & B-tinged pop with two fine singles (one of them sampled Tom Ze, people!), is finally getting a Stateside release. And that release date is this Tuesday! No, really! [Circuit City]


  1. Poubelle

    Yay! This news just made my morning.

  2. Rob Murphy

    Good news, etc., etc., but I’ll believe it when I have it in my hands. Remind me again how many release dates Chinese Democracy has had over at Amazon???

  3. Chris Molanphy

    Wow. Wonders never cease.

    This makes Amerie one of the most-delayed acts on my end-of-2007 Delayed Diva mix, not counting all the Sugababes-related tracks that will never see daylight here.

  4. dyfl

    Amazon lists an import edition as coming out on September 30th too. Doesn’t say where, but matches the Circuit City’s listing of the label as “Sony BMG Europe.” So I’m guessing this actually isn’t a domestic release at all. DAMN IT. I honestly have been holding out to buy a domestic copy, but I’m through being jerked around…

  5. Maura Johnston

    @dyfl: But it’s only $13.99?

  6. futurehorse

    Somebody sold this back at the record store I sometimes work at about six months ago or so. I got it for five bucks. I was pretty happy about it then, and I’m still pretty happy about it now.

  7. Anonymous

    I will defintely be getting this ..never would’ve known it was coming out if i didn’t check here

  8. Nunya B

    Popjustice has its Amerie fan (yeah, there’s only the one) claiming that it is a domestic release produced to fulfill the last dregs of her contract with SonyBMG.

    She’s supposed to have a new single out in November, on IDJ, so this is probably spite timing.

  9. cassidy2099

    Still import price at Best Buy, which is the closest music retailer for me. Drat.

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