Sep 24th, 2008 // 2 Comments

Perhaps suffering from a case of reunion envy, Kinks frontman Ray Davies told BBC radio’s Front Row that the band is on the brink of reforming to record new material: “There is a desire to do it, but the thing that would make me decide yes or no would be whether or not we could do new songs, even if it’s four or five.” That’s nice, Ray. As long as “You Really Got Me” is on the set list, I’m sure people far and wide will be glad to sit through your new stuff. [BBC]

  1. Lucas Jensen

    Did the Kinks ever officially break up?

  2. Mike P.

    I know around ’96 or so, the non-original members of the last lineup were taken off retainer. But there was never an announcement that I can recall. As Ray and Dave got more deeply involved in their respective solo careers, it just sorta became clear that they’d split.

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