The Future Of Fashion Meets The Future Of The Funk

Sep 24th, 2008 // 13 Comments

Don’t forget, readers, that tonight’s Project Runway features LL Cool J as guest judge, with the contestants’ challenged to create hip-hop clothing. As in Korto telling the camera of her endlessly whining, self-important cohort Kenley, “We’re not gonna tell her, we’re just gonna let her believe that’s hip-hop.” I sincerely hope she’s talking about Kenley and not Leanne, because I know whose meltdown is a loooong time a-comin’, and it ain’t the Cat Power lookalike. I also hope Uncle L comforts this season’s favorite reality-show spoiled brat: “Take my hand / Listen to the man / You have a plan / Don’t even risk it / What, do you want a biscuit?” And I hope she looks at him and breaks into that braying laugh of hers, as the editors cut to LL looking into the camera and asking, “What the hell is this woman’s problem?” [Project Runway]


  1. Lucas Jensen

    Kenley is just awful.

  2. dyfl

    I’m gonna admit it: She’s the closest thing to a personality I like on this whole season. They got a real dull batch this time out, but I’ve got a definite love-to-hate/hate-to-love thing going on with her. And her clothes are pretty cute, if most definitely samey. I just don’t understand why I’m in a world where glass-of-day-old-ice-water Leanne is the favorite to win, you know? Can’t we have at least a little bit of sass mouth up in here?

  3. Marth

    I don’t think I’ve ever hated a fictional character as much as her.

    Oh… wait a second…

  4. kicking222

    Please, please, please, can we get rid of Suede? I dislike Kenley, but I flat-out hate Suede. And if Leanne doesn’t make the top three (you can’t say “make Fashion Week”, since even Joe got there), I will whimper like a sick puppy.

    And dyfl, I would certainly argue that Korto is the favorite. She’s only been in the bottom three once all season, and she’s made the top three in the last five challenges. I want Leanne to win, because I’m in love with her, but if I were a gambling man, I’d bet the farm on Korto.

  5. joshservo

    At the beginning of this season, I declared that Kenley would replace Katherine “Open Toes” McPhee as my pretend imaginary reality show girlfriend.

    I am now vaguely regretting that decision, and I can only hope Kat will take me back. I’ll even see “House Bunny.”

  6. katesilver

    For once I miss Stella. She would’ve pulled together some old-school Run DMC garb.

  7. Reidicus

    Of course, LL is a fashion authority. He has a line at SEARS.

  8. silkyjumbo

    i am THRILLED to see so many project runway fans on idolator.

  9. Lucas Jensen

    @joshservo: Oh God, me, too. And Kenley looked hot this week, too. But she is just awful. What a brat!

  10. Reidicus

    @Lucas Jensen: I like Kenley until she starts talking.

  11. Lucas Jensen

    @silkyjumbo: If Michaelangelo Matos hadn’t beaten me to this, I was gonna say something about it. Seems he’s got the Project Runway beat!

  12. Audif Jackson Winters III

    Lord help me, the brattiness turns me on.

  13. Handsome Pete

    Kenley made Santogold.

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