Once More, With Feeling: It’s Time For Another Drum & Bass Revival

Sep 24th, 2008 // 5 Comments

Remember that wonderful YouTube mash of early-’00s drum & bass set to a Holy Ghost meeting we found via Pop + Politics? They’ve found a sequel clip, this time utilizing a segment from a 2007 live mix by veteran DJ-producer Andy C and MC GQ. If anything, this one’s even better: footage from a number of sources synced just right. No word balloons, alas, but you’ll make do without them, trust us. [Pop + Politics]


  1. Anonymous

    If drum ‘n bass parties were anything like this one, I’d still be going to them.

  2. okiedoke

    Can we get one of these with snake handling, please?

  3. Dick Laurent is dead.

    I love this…

  4. chaircrusher

    Drum and Bass never really went away, but it focused down into a narrower and narrower sound, with a smaller and smaller following. I was in on the early 90s ‘Jungle’ breakout — where all sorts of ‘intelligent’ dance music types picked up on the completely mental beat-slicers in the London scene. That kind of stuff — the swing-and-sway crazy-ass cutup stuff with the odd ragga sample — still floats my boat.

    Modern jungle is streamlined and boring as the worst twitter thump minimal techno. There’s a certain dependable audience for it, so they keep doing the same fucking thing over and over.

    Dubstep 2 years ago (and grime 4 years ago) had that same heyday of newness and variety. Then they both seemed to have succumbed to the same stylistic fascism that killed drum and bass and minimal techno for me. You can still find the odd exceptional, brilliant record coming out, but they’re swamped in a riptide of samey crap.

    Honestly, being a dance music fan can be exhausting, and it’s not just staying up all hours sweating on a dancefloor.

  5. Tenno

    Yay! Someone added some balloons!

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