Joe Walsh Saves Eagles Concert, The World

It looks like Joe Walsh saved another Eagles concert with his superior solo material! How can a jam like “Funk No. 49″ not bring down the house?

I know that the Eagles aren’t popular around these parts, but I count myself as something of a fan, despite my best instincts. I get it: they represent the milquetoast lowest common denominator corporate rock of the 70s. All I’m sayin’ is that whenever I do “Take It Easy” at karaoke, it kills. People groan at the beginning, but are on board by the end. (For future reference, my other karaoke jam is “Glycerine” by Bush. Or whatever New Order/Erasure/Depeche Mode songs are in the book.)

I think the reason I give the Eagles a pass is Joe Walsh. He doesn’t fit. Don Felder fits. Timothy B. Schmit fits, despite his high-pitched voice. But Joe Walsh…I always got a sense that he was hanging out with those dudes because it was a good paying gig. He knew he could go solo again at any time, but why bother? It would be too much of a headache. Mama Walsh didn’t raise no fool. Don’t rock the boat. Don’t hop off the gravy train. Get paid. You know you can smoke all of them on guitar. You’re the rocker of the band. Those guys don’t deserve you. But you know what? Joe Walsh songs with the Eagles sound like Joe Walsh songs with the James Gang sound like Joe Walsh songs solo. Do you want to be a member of the Eagles, who can still sell 7 million records, or do you want to be the next Boz Scaggs? To paraphrase the knight at the end of The Last Crusade, he chose…wisely.

Plus, he called an album The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get. That’s rad.

Joe Walsh injects fun, energy into staid Eagles concert [Chicago Tribune]

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe their last album sold 7 million. It’s a double album right? So even then, 3.5 million is a lot of records. Christ, people love the Eagles.

    But yes, Joe Walsh, greatest Eagle ever.

  • dog door

    can you take this post down? look, i’ve had a really rough day and i just hate the fucking Eagles.

  • jetsetjunta

    i heartily agree, as a longtime walsh fan and eagles apologist, although jackson browne’s ‘take it easy’ would be my choice. subtle differences, but important ones!

  • Oldboy

    Walsh is a very funny guy. Once he proposed an album title all too appropriate for the 70s-era Eagles: “Days Of Lines And Noses.”

  • revmatty

    I can’t stand the Eagles, but I was local crew on a Walsh show and he’s just a cool guy.

  • chaircrusher

    You like “Take It Easy” because it’s actually a Jackson Browne song. Jackson Browne can actually write great songs, whereas the Eagles are a bunch of rich assholes who froze off their frontal lobes with cocaine 30 years ago.

    Except for Walsh, who, you’re right, rules. In 1971, the cool kids liked Hendrix, the dumb kids liked the Guess Who, and the hoodlums liked James Gang, and the hoodlums had the best weed.

  • Anonymous

    The James Gang were one of the greatest groups ever!!!
    “James Gang Rides Again” being a FANTASTIC record…
    Out now re-issued on Hip-O is the “Barnstorm” record…some of the most beautiful stuff I have ever heard…it ain’t rockin’ in most places, but it has it’s own pastoral charm…
    “The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get” is also fantastic…
    Let’s not forget the song that pretty much defines the 70′s and one of Joe’s best late-period songs…”Life’s Been Good”.

    No..this man also gave Peter Townshend the guitar setup that gave us EVERY guitar track on “Who’s Next” and most of “Quadrophenia”…(it was a Gretch hollow-body and a particular amp and a volume pedal…used in exactly that combination…with nothing removed or replaced….)

    Joe Walsh is amazing…

  • twenty-four hour priapism

    the eagles never made a record as good as the james gang’s y’er album.

  • GhostOfDuane

    Good call on Joe – just think of how much the Eagles would suck without him! It would be even more unbearable, if such a thing is possible.

  • cheesebubble

    Joe is no hell to look at but he knows how to work a guitar.