Something Fishy Is Going On With Fall Out Boy’s New Video

Fall Out Boy debuted their video for “I Don’t Care” today, complete with cameos by Mark Hoppus, Spencer Pratt and Cobra Starship’s Gabe Saporta. Except Pete Wentz, on his blog, said that it’s not the exact version of the video they made:

this will probably end up deleted either by me or someone else but the version of the video that we worked on night after night is not the version that aired. yet somehow a cut full of glorious camera phone shots did. just to let you know. it doesnt make any sense to us. that bag of money is being donated straight to a cause far more worthy.

imagine seeing this edit only after you buy the video off of i-tunes and realizing that noone even had the balls to call you and tell you they were changing the video and cutting parts.

id recommend viewing the video on a site that it doesnt cost you any money as this is NOT the edit the band approved.

sorry to let you down.

Of course, the post did end up deleted and UMG is pulling uploads of the clip left and right from YouTube. The comments on the blog post were rife with talk of conspiracy and label-tampering, and I have to say… I’m with them on this. There’s some hanky panky going on here. I watched the video (yeah, I bought it), and the cell phone shots Wentz is talking about seem way out of place, almost like the film stock is different. What brand is that phone again? Ah, it’s a Nokia, perfectly placed in the shot for all to read. I call “shenanigans,” which I believe is as sacrosanct as calling “shotgun.”

As for the video itself, it’s typically well-filmed, half-plotted, good-natured Fall Out Boy affair. It makes no sense really, but it’s fun and harmless. The song’s catchy if you’re into that sort of thing.

UPDATE: Right as I was about to hit save, Wentz posted this to his blog:

The plot thickens!

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