Britney Spears Gets Another Shot

ARTIST: Britney SpearsTITLE: “Womanizer”WEB DEBUT: Sept. 26, 2008

ONE-LISTEN VERDICT: “Womanizer” is a peppy, aerobics-appropriate bit of dance-pop that is directed toward a cheating guy who’s a total dog. Musically, it continues the “thrashy march” trend that’s seemingly dominating all of non-R & B-influenced pop these days. (Can someone tell me why this sound is all of a sudden everywhere? Do we have to blame Max Martin, or iPod fidelities, or what?) And Spears sounds actually engaged with the material on a vocal sense–although there are a few weird bits in the song, though, that sound like they were given over to the singer of the guide track. The spoken-word bits, in particular, sound… tougher, as if they were being performed by a woman who had dressed up as Little Mac for Halloween. No, really.

WHERE TO HEAR IT: Z100 has a stream.