Sep 26th, 2008 // 4 Comments

Techcrunch’s Michael Arrington–a long proponent of never paying for recorded music ever because musicians don’t deserve it and anyone can write a song that he wants to hear so why should he ever have to worry about things like quality control (see, in his world, the only people who should ever make money for their labors are people who start companies that make semi-useless Facebook widgets)–thinks MySpace Music is totes awesome. Why? Well, because it involves more free music for him, of course. Of course, all that free music comes via streams, which makes me wonder if dude is going to try and jumpstart the trend of hauling around his laptop on one shoulder, a la the way people carried around boomboxes back in the ’80s? UPDATE: Haha, looks like there’s a much simpler explanation: He’s sleeping with the head of MySpace’s PR department. Ah, geek love… [Techcrunch]

  1. Lucas Jensen

    Michael Arrington doesn’t realize how hard it is to make good records, particularly good-sounding ones.

  2. revmatty

    The list of things Arrington knows nothing about but feels competent to ramble on about is almost limitless. It’s hard to go wrong by simply taking a position opposite his.

  3. alarusse

    Just wow. What a gem:

    “Instead labels will see music consumption for what it really is – free marketing.”

    I can’t say I necessarily disagree with all of the conclusions he comes to (like that the industry is trending towards free recorded music), but that quote is absolutely mind-boggling. I thought “music consumption,” as he calls it, was borne out of a need for humans to enjoy music and art, but I was wrong. It’s actually borne out of a need to fill label exec’s pockets.

  4. jt.ramsay

    @alarusse: I don’t know why people keep referring to the marketing aspect of free music. If it’s already free, why bother marketing it?

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