In Memoriam: Junior Senior

Sep 26th, 2008 // 8 Comments

There hasn’t been a lot of great news lately, and today is no exception. Here’s one more piece of lousy news to throw on the fire: The delightful Danish dance-pop duo Junior Senior has called it quits.

The bad news came via Junior Senior’s MySpace page. But even in announcing their breakup, Jesper “Junior” Mortensen and Jeppe “Senior” Laursen brought their fans–and the world–joy.

We know it would have been a much juicier story if we hated each other and we split over big egos or something. We even thought of making a fake youtube video of us getting into a fight at a late night party over whether we should call the next album “Jumping Jack Junior” or “Senior Says.” But we don’t promote violence, kids. Just peace and good vibes alright.

We have met so many amazing people around the world, experienced so many cool things, had so many crazy good times… so many we never even dared dream of. We are so happy we made you dance….

But most importantly, though…

Thank u for dancing, coming to our shows, listening to the music, being there and going crazy. We are forever and ever ever grateful and a thank u would never be enough.

YOU made us so happy

Idolator pays tribute to Junior Senior the only way we know how… via a series of embedded videos. Enjoy.

“Move Your Feet”

“Rhythm Bandits”

“Shake Your Coconuts”

“Take My Time”

“Can I Get Get Get”

Junior Senior R.I.P. [Myspace]

  1. loudersoft

    THIS SUCKS. :-(

  2. Nunya B

    SO SAD. I wonder if they actually do hate each other now- if not are my dreams of a reunion show permanently shattered?

  3. How do I say this ... THROWDINI!

    Your welcome, Junior Senior, for dancing at your show. It was literally my pleasure. You’ll be missed…

    /As always, I love your tags Dan, and can’t wait to see whatelse will derserve the tag “shake your coconuts in sadness.”

  4. cassidy2099

    Even though Hey Hey My My Yo Yo was finally released over here, it was still the best 33 dollars I’ve every spent for the import.

  5. Thierry

    FYI, while this won’t replace the pop perfection that was Junior Senior, Jeppe and Jesper both have solo projects going with some music already available, Jeppe under his own name (or rather his first name) and Jesper under the moniker I Scream Ice Scream.

  6. grainy16mm

    “Say Hello, Wave Goodbye” indeed…

    :( x1,000

  7. DocStrange


    When they specifically asked us not to!

  8. Nutzrpoppin

    Sometimes things like this come along and give me a little bit more faith in the music industry, blah blah blah bands should follow their lead and dance off into the sunset. Plus I will not have to see that horrible cover art of which they are so fond.

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