More Dance-Pop, I Say!

Sep 26th, 2008 // 1 Comment

As the week winds down to Friday, a pop song with a nice beat you can dance to is always welcome. The Aussie electropop outfit Sneaky Sound System probably won’t be a “career artist” for me, and I haven’t really listened to anything else of theirs yet, but “Pictures” is a fun little song for a day bookended by the bank I use being seized by the government and a Presidental debate. [MySpace]


  1. Weez Affinity

    Connie is great, but could be doing much bigger things than SSS. She did the backgrounds on ‘Flashing Lights’ and ‘Cant Tell Me Nothing’ after Mr West flew her to LA, no shit.

    anyway, this is secondary to how hard the Fuego remix is…


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