Alan McGee, Why Do You Hate The House Of Love?

Alan McGee is certainly known for his ridiculous proclamations–it’s sort of his business–and his Guardian blog post today is no particular exception, considering he sort of compares the new Oasis album to the Beatles’ Revolver. Still, that’s the sort of thing he does all the time and with Oasis needing a little push for their new album, a headline like “Why the music world needs Oasis” should surprise no one. The first sentence of his extended press release seemed to be the real story, at least to me.

Turning 48 yesterday, I realised the only Creation band that I still get excited about is Oasis.

Sure, lots of acts that were on Creation haven’t exactly been flooding the music world with new material (I’m looking at you, Kevin Shields). But that sentence just seemed hurtful to a number of acts that found their start on Creation that are still active… and possibly more interesting than Oasis.

Sure, it’s been awhile since there was a new St. Etienne record, but those are somewhat notable still, right? I really enjoyed “Stars Above Us.”

Somehow I missed the most recent Teenage Fanclub record (which might help prove McGee’s point), but when their new album comes out, I’ll probably be in the vicinity of excited. At the very least, I still get excited when my copy of Grand Prix turns up.

Gary from Snow Patrol referred to Super Furry Animals as our generation’s Beatles. Who are you to disagree with the guy who wrote “Chasing Cars”, Alan McGee?

I’ll spare posting a Primal Scream video, considering I ran an entire post of them recently, but they’re still around, and reasonably interesting. I mean, if you can get excited for a new Oasis disc, you can certainly muster up some anticipation for a Primal Scream album, no? Alan McGee, I’m disappointed in you. I’m willing to forgive you, considering you brought us Adorable, but I’m still disappointed.

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