Coldplay Asks “Are You Guest Experienced?”

Oct 6th, 2008 // 1 Comment

In a scribbled announcement scanned for Coldplay’s online propaganda organ, rap-friendly pomp-rocker Chris Martin has revealed that his band will release an EP in November and a re-recorded version of “Lost!” from Viva La Vida featuring a “guest experience on it in the form of Jay-Z” that will be out in “a few weeks.” (Not sure if that’s a [sic] on Martin’s part or if a “guest experience” is totally more exciting than your standard guest spot.) From the note, it sounds like fans will be able to download the EP separately, but if they want to hear the Jay-Z collab they’ll have to re-purchase some kind of expanded version of the album. Or maybe not? (Clarity is important in press releases, Chris.) But while I like Coldplay and Jay-Z just fine–and despite Martin’s assertion the EP will represent a “heavier” Coldplay–I can’t help but feel this new “Lost!” will somehow pale next to the ne plus ultra of rap-rock in the eyes of certain respected authorities on the subject. [Coldplay / YouTube]

  1. Anonymous

    It will most certainly pale.

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