Missy Elliott Makes Me Sad

The new single by the Pussycat Dolls, the listless “Whatcha Think About That,” features a few cameos by Missy Elliott, who during her bits in the video is forced to mumble inane lines like “Tonight I’m goin out and ain’t comin back / You ain’t gonna get no more pussycat” while standing in close proximity to Nicole Scherzinger and her handmaidens shaking their asses to the track, which sounds kind of like a dessicated take on Whitney Houston’s “I’m Your Baby Tonight.” Only this time, instead of Whitney belting out every note, we get Scherzinger whinging and preening as Missy drops anemic verses like “Up in the club its just me and my girls / Play like Katy Perry kissin on girls.” Sigh. Missy. Katy Perry references and rhyming “girls” with “girls”? Maybe you should get back together with Timbaland–surely whatever he thinks up for you could cause a spark of some sort, right? Oh, wait. [Dailymotion]